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Number of Reviews: 2 Average Rating: (4 1/2 stars)

Jon White (, third shifter with a boring job., November 28, 1999, I could not stop reading this book! Demon's sorrow by Linda M.Fields was a book i liked for several reasons,starting with the likeable characters.The lead characters were 'real'and likeable people,i was drawn to them as well as their plight,wishing i was in the story so i could help. The story was fast paced and it always kept me guessing.It reminded me alot of the style of Dean Koontz,who has always written books that i couldn't put down. If you are looking for a good read,read this book!

Also recommended: The bad place by Dean Koontz(actually every book by Dean Koontz i have read,i liked). Salem's Lot by Stephen King


Rosalie Bravo (, Avid reader, November 28, 1999, Excellent read The book grabs your attention right from the beginning. You won't want to put it down until you've finished. Highly recommend it.

Comments about DEMON'S SORROW made in person

Mary -- I don't usually read scary books, and this one was scary, but when I got done I thought that it was wonderful. (Question: Did you know who the murderer was before you were told in the book? Answer: No, I thought I did a couple of time but I was wrong.)

Yvonne -- I started reading it when my boyfriend was taking his exams and I was waiting in the car. He kept coming out to see if I was OK but I kept yelling at him to leave me alone! I didn't want to be interrupted! This is really great!

Red -- Where is Whitefields, Michigan? I looked for it on my Atlas but couldn't find it. (Sorry, it's just a figment of my imagination)

Vicky -- When are you going to have another one done? I loved DEMON'S SORROW. I had to be to work at 7 but I made the mistake of starting to read your book before I went to sleep. I couldn't put it down until I finished it . . . it was after 4 in the morning. (Question: Did you know who the murderer was before you were told in the book? Answer: No.)

Vicki -- I thoroughly enjoyed DEMON'S SORROW. (Question: Did you know who the murderer was before you were told in the book? Answer: No, every time I thought I knew I was wrong, I never did get it right.)

Mike -- WOW, I'm really impressed, I didn't know you could write like that!

Dan -- Can I be in the movie?

Bob -- I'm waiting to see the movie.

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I visited your web page last night and read "Our Lady Of The Lake" it was too cool! --- Jon


hi Linda ! what a terrific web page ~ thank you for sharing your talent ~ its terrific ~ specially "Home" :) Take care,--- John


Hello, I'm a beginning story teller and I must say I enjoyed the above story. Very interesting. Thanks for the read, I'll check back from time to time for more. --- J.W.


That was good! I can't believe you aren't rich by now. YOU CAN WRITE, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- Joy




Great! Congratulations. --- John Saul


I love your website so much that I've saved it to favorite places and am forwarding it on to others. Best wishes. --- Rose


hi Linda ~ you wont remember me ~ I just got back and read your stuff again ~ its terrific ~ you take care ~ --- John


I love your web page. --- Vicki


It always amazes me how well people communicate over the internet. I wanted to add that I was looking for information on e-publishing and stumbled onto your site. I enjoyed my stay there. I've been reading a lot of short stories on "Zoetrope" lately and yours topped most of them. It made sense to me, even though the subject matter was supernatural. I'll be checking in to see you and read some more of your stuff. I'm a builder for money, but writings my passion. --- J.W.


(To be fair here is a negative email, although I'm still not sure what this person was looking for on my site. I write fiction because it's fun, if I wanted to write about real demons I'd be writing Headline News.)

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 04/14/2000 5:37:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: HeXXX2000 (part of address and email X'd out)
To: Majyk2296

thought your sight SUCKED!!! Ever heard of real demons? I have!!!!! Fxxx you!!!

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