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Ever wonder what it would be like to live forever? WITH HIS FIRST BREATH is a novel that might just changer your mind about eternal life. Currently seek an agent/publisher, hopefully you'll be able to read it soon. Linda is currently working on her next novel LAKE OF LOST SOULS, a supernatural romance.

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Born and raise in Point Place, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, Linda graduated from Woodward High School in 1965 where she majored in Science and Art. An avid reader, she spent many hours lost in one exciting adventure after another, and often browsed the shelves of the public library. The Maumee Bay proved to be an adventure in itself for Linda growing up and she spent many long summer days enjoying her active imagination and the water. In 1968 she married Jim Fields from Detroit, Michigan. In 1976 Linda took her two young daughters, Dawn and Erica, and moved in with her mother in Luna Pier, Michigan. The house was a large four bedroom home that sat on six lots, but the thing that she loved the most was that Lake Erie was the front yard. It was in this house in 1979 that Linda finished reading a book that had started out great but had ended horribly, it was this bad ending that was the beginning of her adventure in story telling. Linda is back in Toledo, and no where near the Bay or the Lake but her love for the Lake inspired several short stories and at least one novel (Lake Of Lost Souls). Her favorite past time is fishing for perch and walleye in Lake Erie with a view like this one below to enjoy when the day is done.

This picture was taken August 20, 2007, what fun that was!!!!